Training and Consultancy

Your needs

Schools are required to have trained/qualified staff in a number of different areas, often having to source training from different providers at high costs. Schools must keep track of compliance and certification renewals, adding administration to an already heavily burdened workforce. Finding the time to release staff from school for what is often a whole day also proves very challenging.

Our solutions

NPW offers a wide range of accredited training delivered locally by qualified staff and partners under one roof at value for money prices. Our sessions can be booked on a per user basis or at your school for larger groups. Due to the excellent relationships with our suppliers, we are able to offer tailored training that meets the needs of your individual school. Booking couldn’t be simpler, whether by phone, email or via our online booking platform.

Trust us

With over 30 years experience and a good or excellent customer satisfaction rating of over 90%, we are well placed to understand the unique demands of your school. We provide access to a vast network of delivery partners who are able to source almost any training requirement from Data Protection and Educational Visits training, to Positive Handling and Paediatric First Aid.


For our full range of training courses and to book online, please access our client portal.