School Support Service

Your needs

Schools have significant responsibilities to safeguard their pupils and ensure compliance with a wide range of regulations and legislation. With budgets shrinking in real terms year on year, it is increasingly more difficult to have qualified staff who can cover any eventuality, no matter how unique.

Our solutions

We provide unlimited access to phone or email support. We also carry out site visits on a wide range of school management needs. Our staff use their expertise to assist schools in a number of ways, from managing critical incidents to updating policy and procedures. Where incidents fall outside of our expertise, we are able to signpost to accredited pre-approved partners.

Trust us

The service is delivered by experienced members of staff who carry various qualifications, ranging from IOSH in Health & Safety to a MBA in public administration. We support over 100 schools and have done so for many years. As a result, we have encountered many different school management issues and have successfully supported schools to find solutions.