HR and Payroll

Your needs

Staff being paid incorrectly or late is one of the biggest demotivating factors. It also causes lots of unnecessary work and stress. Managing ER issues correctly and consistently is vital to help motivate and effectively manage your workforce. Few schools can afford to employ a dedicated HR professional. Most managers need support and guidance on how best to deal with HR issues.

Our solutions

NPW provides support and guidance on all HR related matters over the phone, face to face or by email. Our Payroll Service provides accurate and on time payment with online access, so staff can manage their own details ensuring up to date records. Our fully integrated HR and payroll system reduces the risk of human error and provides in-depth analysis and reporting, covering everything from basic data to sickness absence analysis.

Trust us

NPW Schools HR and Payroll Service provides a comprehensive range of services at a strategic, advisory and operational level. With over 30 years experience, this has allowed us to build strong relationships with Trade Unions to help resolve issues at the earliest opportunity. NPW staff are appropriately qualified for their role, and all have regular training to keep up to date with the latest case law and precedents.