Governor Services

Your needs

Governance is a complex process.There are a lot of rules and regulations to follow, a wide range of statutory duties to discharge, the right people need to be around the table with their training and development needs met, meetings should be supported by a professional clerk and then there’s the paperwork. In short this means that there is a lot of knowledge to be acquired, a lot of meetings to be clerked and significant deadlines need to be met for governance to be well supported.

Our solutions

We provide an expert support and advice service either by phone or email, along with a dedicated and professional clerk for each governing board. We have a comprehensive training programme that will help develop either new or experienced governors. We also support recruiting the skilled individuals that governing boards need to enhance their memberships. In addition, our dedicated support team will ensure that governing board meetings are well  planned, clerked professionally and that papers are issued on time. For the more complex issues, we provide specialist help and a company secretary support service.

Trust us

NPW staff have been providing support to schools for over 30 years and have maintained a customer rating of good or excellent that is in excess of 95%. We work with a wide range of clients including maintained schools, standalone academies and multi-academy trusts. All of our regular clerks are accredited via The National College Clerks’ Development Programme and new clerks undertake the programme within 12 months of appointment. We support over 1000 meetings per year and we guarantee a competent person to cover if your dedicated clerk is unavailable, reducing the risk of a single point of failure.