HR payroll payslip

Comprehensive payroll support and maintenance service for your school

Correct payment at the correct time is essential for creating a happy and effective workforce. Our experienced professionals managing payroll in the background will ensure this is the case in your school.

Our School Payroll service is reliable, making sure your staff get paid on time and accurately – every time. We support teachers, support staff and supply staff and provide three types of support:

  • Arranging correct pay
  • Full compliance with all statutory requirements
  • Management information

We have proven templates that’ll provide you with an efficient payroll system, however we can liaise with your school to provide for any special arrangements you may require.

Details of payroll support and maintenance services

Arranging Correct Pay

  • Run two payrolls – 25th of month for teachers and 15th for non- teaching staff
  • Administer monthly payroll changes for officers and teachers, e.g. statutory sick pay, statutory maternity pay, promotion changes, bank details, home address
  • Process early retirements, redundancies, ill-health retirements and ordinary retirements
  • Action all terminations of employment
  • Ensure implementation of annual increments for all relevant staff
  • Organise and administer recruitment and retention payments

Full compliance with all statutory requirements

  • Produce and distribute pay slips
  • Liaise with outside bodies, e.g. DfE, Teachers Pension, LGPS, HMRC, DWP, to provide all necessary information and complete returns
  • Notify DfE of all teacher starters and leavers
  • Issue P45/P60 documents

Management Information

  • Provide management reports on request
  • Give information and advice on payroll matters and associated conditions of service to employees, headteachers and governors
  • Calculate school group sizes annually and determine the implications for heads’ and deputies’ salaries, notifying staff as appropriate
  • Provide training to school staff on payroll administration
  • Administer teachers’ pension payroll for relevant retired teachers