School management support service

Comprehensive support to cover your school's needs
School Management Support to help your school

Offered as one package, made up of different elements, the service comprises:

  • Professional advice on a wide range of school management issues that occur day to day.
  • Support with the four stage Complaints Procedure to deal with complaints and enquiries from parents or others. This includes providing advice to schools on parent/carer concerns and complaints including providing model procedures, letters and reviews. This also includes support to the Headteacher and chair of governors and the governing body to convene a panel or complaints committee.
  • Advice and support on dealing with Freedom of Information and data protection requests from external parties including drafting responses and providing information.
  • Professional support to deal with critical incidents and other emergencies in schools. This includes providing guidance, model policies and advice. This service can support schools through incidents such as fires and other building emergencies and health issues, child/staff deaths, accidents, injuries both foreseeable and unforeseeable.
  • Supporting schools to manage reputational implications including liaising with relevant communications, marketing or media teams.
  • Site Supervisor recruitment, induction and general support. This includes personalised support on recruitment and retention including assistance in resolving disputes, workload issues as well as at interviews and other panels. This service also includes support with site supervisor rehousing and other housing issues and providing a site supervisor manual.
  • Transfer of pupil records. This service includes the collection of all Year 6 pupil files from Primary Schools in July each year, sorting and reallocating them to the relevant Newham Secondary School for the commencement on the next academic year.
  • Signposting to other services and service providers where appropriate.