School business manager network and support service

Facilitating the vital role of school business managers
Facilitating networking opportunities for school business managers

This service offers support to schools for the development and function of school business/office management. The service provides vital support with facilitating and arrangement network and conference meetings for school business managers and others associated with school office management and administration to share and develop good practice.

This service is provided to primary, nursery and special schools only and comprises:

  • A set of detailed terms of reference for the group constructed in consultation with appropriate officers of the School Business Manager (SBM) Committee.
  • Provision of professional management support to assist the SBM Committee to development of school business/office managers.
  • Two network meetings arranged each year (maximum 4 hours duration) in consultation with the SBM Committee. This will include:
    • assistance with preparing the agenda and inviting appropriate guest speakers to attend
    • a clerk to take notes at the meetings
    • an appropriate room for the meeting
    • refreshments according to the duration of the meeting
    • dealing with all pre-meeting arrangements
    • collating agenda papers and issuing to all invitees
    • receiving draft minutes from the clerk and passing to SBM Committee
    • circulating the minutes to members of the group
  • One annual conference meeting to be organised (maximum 7 hours duration) and provided at an appropriate venue. This will include:
    • setting up and hosting the event including arranging speakers and displays
    • receiving bookings for the event
    • registration and hospitality
    • preparation and circulation of conference brochure
    • refreshments according to the duration of the meeting
    • dealing with all pre-meeting and post-meeting arrangements
    • circulating draft minutes to all SBM’s / officer managers
    • circulating the minutes to other parties for action as agreed by the Chair
    • attendance at SBM Committee meetings as appropriate