Procurement and contracting support service

Working with you to ensure your procurement and contracting works

Supporting schools with procurement and contracting

Schools may be unaware that they could be falling foul of Local Authority, UK or EU regulations when procuring goods and services and could face legal challenges and reputational damage as a result. Also, poor procurement practices can result in increased costs and wasted time as well as unwanted criticism from auditors.

The procurement and contracting support service offers a due diligence service. It aims to support schools to demonstrate that they are compliant with appropriate EU and UK regulations in relation to the management of procurement and contracting arrangements. The service includes an annual visit by a procurement specialist to monitor the performance of schools contracts and where necessary, liaise with contractors to enable the appropriate standards to be achieved and value for money and quality standards obtained. Included is free access to procurement framework providers without the need to run full tendering exercises offering significant reductions in time and procurement costs.

The Procurement and contracting service

  • Advice and guidance on day-to-day procurement and contracting operational issues through a helpdesk (Subject to reasonable use).
  • Due diligence check to ensure that the school is following appropriate school procurement and tendering procedures.
  • Scheduled procurement and contracting performance monitoring by undertaking one comprehensive site audit visit each year at a mutually agreed time and date.
  • Following each audit, a written report with an assessment of the standard and quality of contracts and procurement arrangements will be provided and where applicable, it will suggest opportunities to achieve improved value for money (There may be an additional charge for follow-up work).
  • Guidance on establishing school procurement and contracting operational issues through a helpdesk (Subject to reasonable use).
  • Liaison with framework providers as appropriate such as ESPO, YPO, CPC.
  • Advice and support on applying good buying practice set out in the Department for Education document “Effective buying for your school for school leaders, school business managers, back office staff and governing bodies in all schools”.
  • Training staff involved with procurement to help with working practices enabling a simple and streamlined procurement methodology.
  • Provision of a procurement “toolkit” including a template procurement policy.