Educational visits support

Managing school educational visits
Supporting schools' educational visits

NPW has secured a license for schools to use an online planning and management system (EVOLVE - Educational Visits Online Verification Engine) to manage the coordination and administration of school educational visits.

EVOLVE is used to collate all necessary educational visit information on one simple platform, where involved staff can update and add documents and information as the visit planning progresses through to evaluation once the visit has taken place. It is an online management tool and can be accessed when and where an educational visit finds you (you can even access it from your mobile).

The EVOLVE system

  • All the information for your educational visits is stored and accessible from one online platform, where it can be updated. This reduces concerns about losing paperwork and ensures that everybody involved has all the necessary information where and when they need it.
  • The site is overseen by NPW, fulfilling an advisory role and providing technical support (in conjunction with the team at EVOLVE).
  • As an online platform, guidance and confirmation can be sought from the NPW EVOLVE team who will be able to access and monitor the visit documents from the platform, providing you with up-to-date advice.
  • Schools selecting the service will have an individual profile, maintained by the EVC or nominated administrator, and individual users for all staff involved in educational visits at the school. With varying levels of access, information and documentation can be shared with all the users involved in the visit or only those who are leading or managing.
  • With Ofsted requiring schools to provide data on the number and type of visits undertaken and whether learning aims have been met, the EVOLVE Report function can provide organised report information instantaneously for an inspector.
  • EVOLVE is managed day-to-day by Alan Merry, Geetha Unnithan and Jonathan Parr. We operate a phone help-line to resolve queries and maintain the platform.

Educational Visit Coordinator Network

EVOLVE is an extension to the EVC network, run by Alan Merry. EVOLVE now forms part of the agenda at the twice yearly meetings. This gives users the chance to voice concerns and ask questions.

Contact Alan to sign up to the Network, to find out the date for the next meeting or book a place to train a new EVC.