Cleaning support service

Inspection and support to keep schools looking their best

Cleaning support for your school

This is an advisory and monitoring service in relation to the management of school cleaning arrangements. The service includes site visits to monitor the standards of cleaning being achieved by the cleaning service provider and liaison with contractors to enable the appropriate standards to be maintained and improved where necessary.

This will be provided where cleaning work is carried out by contractors or cleaning staff directly employed and managed by the school.

Schools must maintain a clean learning environment for pupils, so we offer a monitoring and advice service to support the management of school cleaning. This includes site visits to ensure high standards of cleaning, and liaison with contractors/cleaning staff to ensure appropriate standards are upheld and improvements are made where necessary.

The cleaning service

Working with commercial cleaning contractors, directly employed cleaning staff and others, we provide your school with the following services:

  • Scheduled cleaning performance monitoring with two cleaning inspections each year, prior to the commencement or end of the school day.
  • Following each inspection, a written report is provided detailing existing cleaning services with an assessment of the standard and quality of work.
  • Liaison with cleaning contractors on cleaning issues.
  • Conducting cleaning audits and assessment of cleaning workloads, including recommendations for required staffing numbers where appropriate.
  • Support on management issues relating to working practices and advice on training needs.
  • Advice and guidance on day-to-day operational issues and the development of the service.
  • Ad-hoc routine visits in response to written and/or verbal communications.

Additional service

Assistance in the recruitment process for directly employed cleaners, including preparation of job descriptions, employee specifications and short-listing for interview. At an additional cost, we can also attend interviews.

Tendering of the cleaning service.