Security guidance

"We all have a responsibility to ensure that personal data is processed fairly and lawfully; individuals are informed about why we are processing their data and it is protected and securely destroyed when no longer needed.
From April 2010 the Information Commissioner can impose a fine of up to £500,000 for information security breaches."
--- Excerpt from Data Protection Day article posted on Newham Intranet on 28/01/2010 by Information Governance ---

Your school will collect, hold and use a lot of information about individuals such as pupils, parents or guardians, and staff. This is known as personal data. Personal data is protected under English Law under the Data Protection Act (1998). It is your responsibility to comply with this act.


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Admin staff

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Headteachers and Admin staff

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Network Managers

Account Management (Secondary Schools)

NPW SBTs and Network managers

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