Online Resources Support and Web Maintenance

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Providing Online resources support and web maintenance to schoo,lsOur experienced Web Development Team provides comprehensive online resources support and web maintenance. Online resources support includes: LGfL, E-safety, MLE and Digital Signage Display Screens.

Website Maintenance and Updating

The best school websites are updated regularly to ensure visitors get the most up-to-date, relevant information about your school.

  • Our website design team at NPW work closely with schools to quickly and regularly update images, news and important information
  • Any out of date content is removed as required to ensure your website remains fresh and interesting to regular and new visitors
  • We can advise on current content requirements and offer a variety of options for displaying content to maintain a balance between design and functionality

London Grid for Learning (LGfL)

LGfL is a consortium of the 33 local authorities providing a filtered broadband connection, network services, a common learning platform, online content and community support for all schools across London.

  • NPW regularly consult with the LGfL content team and promote its use in schools, enabling schools to access content to support teaching and learning
  • The LGfL’s physical network is tailored to connect and serve London's schools – a large and powerful network using leading edge technology to support London's 2,600 schools at high bandwidth
  • Once the London-wide services and resources are bought or licensed, they’re freely available to your school
  • The LGfL is a member of the NEN Education Network, which ensures that all schools, colleges and universities are connected through a single backbone, enabling a high quality e-learning experience in a safe and secure networked environment for pupils and staff
  • NPW are proud to be an LGfL Approved Support Partner


The virtual world opens up new opportunities for learning and creativity, but it also means thinking about new risks. Working with our team of curriculum advisors, our Web Development Officers support schools with their LGfL provided services.

  • SafeMail, our pupils' email system, is secured so it’s only possible to send and receive emails between people and groups within your school
  • URL filtering platform helps protect pupils from accessing inappropriate websites
  • Using the LGfL, our schools' broadband connection links to many educational resources and services without accessing the wider internet

Further e-safety information and resources for Newham school staff can be found in the NPW e-safety and Education ICT Resources (NPW) rooms on the MLE.

Managed Learning Environment (MLE)

We support schools with administration of the London MLE. Our curriculum advisors focus on supporting the teachers, whilst our Web Development team cover the administrations side of the MLE, providing permissions and user access.

Digital Signage Display Screens

Working alongside Atomwide, our business partner, we’ll install and provide support for Digital Signage Display Screens – a school notification display method.

  • We can combine any arrangement of live TV, video, RSS feeds, HTML and Flash content on single or multiple screens
  • Training is provided so your school’s staff are equipped with skills to update the Digital Signage on a daily basis