ICT Procurement and Strategic ICT planning

Value for money and compliance in your IT procurement activities

A meeting for ICT procurement and strategic ICT planning

It’s vital you make the right choices for your ICT investments so we are here to help, supporting all aspects of your ICT procurement and strategic ICT planning.

ICT Procurement

Technology develops rapidly and new software often requires higher spec hardware to run efficiently. We fully recognise the difficulty faced by schools with limited budgets and will provide you with access to preferential rates from our key suppliers.

  • Our specially negotiated procurement agreements with leading ICT providers ensure your school value for money after subscribing to NPW Support Agreements
  • We advise schools on appropriate hardware and software, always encouraging your school to purchase future-proof equipment – making the very best use of your resources
  • We will manage orders and delivery, then liaise with your school technicians over the installation of the hardware
  • We ensure suitability and a stable price list by regularly reviewing kit specifications with our preferred suppliers
  • New computers and laptops purchased through NPW are pre-configured before arriving on-site for final installation – minimising inconvenience for your school

Strategic ICT Planning

We will work with your school to assist in strategic planning – from the design of your network, to your classrooms and public areas. Throughout the process, we’ll liaise with builders, procure ICT goods, and manage implementation to ensure your school the best value for money.

And we complete the package with training and ongoing support, bringing your school a sustainable and dependable ICT infrastructure.

Our Project Managers will advise on all aspects of your ICT from:

  • CCTV Installations Monitoring
  • VOIP
  • Network infrastructure upgrades
  • Classroom kit outs
  • Network expansion
  • Training and Support following installation