Core Principles

Our Core Principles are:

  1. Enhancing the provision for learning of all children and young people
  2. Working collaboratively within the partnership and within the wider educational community, encouraging and supporting strong partnerships between schools and other agencies
  3. Deploying resources available to NPW to best effect wherever possible through an approach which links together related initiatives and supports effective leadership
  4. Developing and working towards a common purpose, sharing and developing excellent educational practice
  5. Addressing educational disadvantage and securing the highest standards of achievement for all learners
  6. Providing opportunities for continuous learning and professional development through reflective practice
  7. Involving parents, service providers and other community partners to help to bring about improvement in the quality and range of teaching and learning opportunities
  8. Valuing the diversity and differences within the Partnership and striving to be inclusive in all aspects of its work, acknowledging different needs and structures. The organisation welcomes membership from all schools and educational structures whatever their legal status
  9. Encouraging innovation, piloting new ideas and collectively agreeing to take on new functions that support the core purpose of the organisation